First B&B Guests are Welcomed!

Dominique Naud from Montreal and her mother traveled all over to see our great province and decided to stay with us on their last night.  We were so pleased to have them join us for our official opening day.  They enjoyed a peaceful sleep in lovely bedding and soft beds.  Breakfast included a freshly made Spinach and Bacon Frittata along with homemade bread, Java Jack’s own Jams and lots of other goodies.

Thanks to both of you for allowing us to showcase you on our website.  Come back soon.

Yes, we are open as of Friday June 1, 2018.     Call Marion at 709-458-4013 to book.  Or book online through Airbnb.

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Jean Anne Farrow on 19 Jul, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my four nights. The rooms are immaculate and very comfortable. Breakfasts were so delicious one hated to get up from the table. Conversation with other guests and great coffee made for an excellent start to the day. Marion is the perfect host for this establishment. Great place to stay !

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